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    Hey Guys!!
    Welcome to my review of the PaulABooksCorner collections!!
    If you have never visited me site before, then, you should know, I am a newbie avid reader (started my journey this March 2020) and I love to read as many different types of genre and books as possible.
    So, these past few months, I have been able to lay my hands on couple of good books and experienced a great sense of joy reading them. Thought, it would be great, if I am able to share with you few of them…
    The book reviews are absolutely personal opinion and are not influenced by any external sources or person.
    Hope you will gain insight of the books and find it worth reading.
  • Books Corner Reviews

    Books Corner ReviewsHi Guys and welcome to my review of the PaulABooksCorner collections!!If you have never visited me site before, then, you shoul...
  • Why world would end without Book Readers?

    You must be familiar of the saying, that your company says a lot about your interest and values in life. So, books undoubtedly are considered to be a great company as you are empowered to new wisdom and experience. It is often stated that intellectual humility isn’t valuable just because it’s a virtue. It’s valuable as it gives a more realistic conception to the person of themselves and our place in the world, which aids us conduct our lives more effectively and harmoniously. We tend to consume all personal, humanity’s current and potential knowledge through books. These factors make it very clear that books are an integral and inevitable company we are blessed with. There may be people who will still not agree completely which is absolutely fine as the only suggestion that can be imparted in this context is that if you look back at our history, it speaks volumes about it.

    PaulABooksCorner store is inspired by the ClickBookReader Instagram page( where the reader due to the COVID -19 restrictions has rekindled her long lost passion for reading, especially leisure reading. Another reason why, we are advocating click books or e-books is due to persistent decrease in the number of trees from our cherished forests misbalancing the environmental cycle. Where the mantra “Go Green” has gained much momentum, we do appreciate if you have e-books in your phone libraries, although paperback and hardcover books have their own significance which goes without saying.

     ClickBookReader mainly aims at providing you with a paperback book or an e-book at the click of your fingertips.....