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If you have never visited me site before, then, you should know, I am a newbie avid reader (started my journey this March 2020) and I love to read as many different types of genre and books as possible.


So, these past few months, I have been able to lay my hands on couple of good books and experienced a great sense of joy reading them. Thought, it would be great, if I am able to share with you few of them…Among them that drew  attention towards them were – The Bookish Life of Nina Hill, The Happiness Project, A Journal for Girl, Stop Apologizing: A shame-free plan for embracing and achieving your goals guide and finally Gracefully You: Finding Beauty and Balance in the Everyday.


Also, prefer reviewing the books purchased by me or recommended to me. If  you want to get in touch, please contact me .


Generally, it can be said that, all these books or novels are of different genres and they have super-impressed readers in their own unique ways. As you would expect, PaulABooksCorner has a definite book genre focus but intend to increase its range to others and provide a wide range of options for enriching exchanges on this platform. The whole idea behind this initiative is to take the passion for reading to a whole new level…


And a glimpse into my headlines for you…


Delightful: The Bookish Life of Nina Hill


Life changing approach: The Happiness Project


Amazing: A Journal for Girl, Stop Apologizing


Simplicity is core: Gracefully You




….first up, what’s in store? All this…




Let’s dive deep into what these books have in store for us. If you have already read them, definitely will agree with me on these but incase that’s not the case with you, here I am with the Book reviews of these fantastic work….





This book’s cover page simply captivated my sight and mind but, what compelled me to grab it for a read was its acceptably contrasting interesting depiction. So, went for it, as was looking forward to some light and interesting read. This book turned out to be an absolute delight. The reasons are more than obvious, that, the book has been narrated in a conversational tone, so kind of enjoyed more than ever. It was more like speaking with a person and reliving that person’s life.


The book is for all book lovers - as they can definitely find some relatable bits here and there with the books' loveable protagonist, Nina Hills. The story as is evident centers’ around Nina Hills, who works at a bookstore and with much pride have a competent quiz trivia team. Her solitude is much diluted in the company of her adorable pet cat, Phil. Her life, despite few disappointments, was just perfect the way she had thought of, until, there comes strange and shocking surprise in her life. The surprise was way beyond her imagination as she comes to know of her father. She is mostly raised and influenced by her Nanny, who is a very compassionate and motherly person. She plays a major part in the upbringing of Nina as a person we find her in the book. Although, Nina seems to know her mother, may be because for her drooping in Nina’s life on and off, but a father - was someone she never thought will be, despite longing for one. The story takes a whole new turn along with the protagonist, Nina – as her life takes a 360 degree turn with this new revelation.  She seems to enjoy being a solitude person with few friends, but now she it’s just not the same anymore. Her life is filled with strangers with tags of being brothers or sisters or relatives and she will have to confront these strangers being in the same city. This book in short, can be said to be a romantic comedy with family drama which is also as an essential ingredient. I loved reading it as, as it was quite fast paced and Nina with her eventful life to manage was completely fun to read, so definitely a page-turner and good one to read.


Would absolutely recommend to all!!





The author has adopted an approach in this book towards changing her life and even a guideline to change her readers’ life. The ‘Book Title' captivated my attention, coz, have come across numerous projects but never found any unique approach been taken towards creating a more fulfilling and happier life.


Gretchen Rubin has tried to enlighten us with a laugh-loud read of the book. Her genuine, open and honest glimpses into her life with dash of humour here and there have made her writing style quite exceptional. This book is more of a memoir of her year-long experiment to discover and create the true source of happiness. She has profusely used cutting-edge science, classical philosophy & real-world examples to substantiate the stated facts.


Found the reading really engaging enough, even relatable to one's life. This book is more of a lively and compelling account of Rubin's transitional life in a 12 months’ time frame. These 12 months were embedded with her progress on resolutions. She did accomplish them with her test-drive wisdom, scientific research and lessons from much popular culture to create the ultimate happiness sanctum.


Although, there was a phase when I was getting overwhelmed by the tenacity the author projected in accomplishing her resolutions, but on second thoughts concluded that nothing big or small can be achieved without perseverance and dedication.


This book is considered to be a prequel to “Happier at Home", but changing the sequence of reading did not minimize the significance of the subject. The book has a lot more than I could have penned down here. Would recommend it highly if you too are looking forward to a more organized, fulfilling personal life.




This book is an eye-opener not only for me as person but to many women in general. There are simply so many inhibitions that we nurture on a daily basis without consciously realizing what are we doing. This book encourages you to be a better and bolder person to pursue your passion if you have one.


“By embracing you’re calling and refusing to hide your glow, you wouldn't just make your world brighter, you'd light the way for the women who come behind you.”


It goes without saying that, Author, podcaster, businesswoman and motivational speaker Rachel Hollis wants to get women to overcome their fears, embrace their dreams, and follow their ambitions in both their personal and professional lives with her brand-new book Girl, Stop Apologizing: A Shame-Free Plan for Embracing and Achieving Your Goals.


“Embracing the idea that you can want things for yourself even if nobody else understands the whys behind them is the most freeing and powerful feeling in the world.”


This although, may sound more woman centric book, addressed to women in general which it is, but I personally feel we irrespective of our gender have inhibitions and these motivational book can be applied to both women and men.


Her strong statements like,  “Talents and skills are like any other living thing—they can’t grow in the dark” or even “Stop waiting for someday; someday is a myth” are just what makes me think applies to any human being facing the problem.


Debunking the myths, she has encouraged her readers to choose to be positive, to see possibility and to see the blessings in their life each day. The whole book was a call to action book and there seemed to be no stopping it. If this sounds inspiring to you, I think you should definitely read it atleast once in your life…





“Today I intend to see the silver lining of every situation”.


“Gracefully you” speaks volumes about strength in simplicity. I considered it to be a light read with sparks of deep thought provoking ways to create a balance in life. The book dealt well on new age ways of living. The factor of creating a sacred space for nurturing mind sounded very reasonable.  The author stating – “life isn’t about denying your shadow side; it’s about embracing it all while choosing to give more of your attention to higher thoughts".


Techniques such as, 4-7-8 breathing technique, meditation, crystal therapy, reiki and other such methods been suggested so that you can calm yourself and make your life quite meaningful.


Another suggestion which I found quite effective is – “a cluttered home equates to a cluttered mind", so true it is in it’s implication. The author has even taken adequate aid of Mantras, reiterating positive affirmations and a lot of such techniques been adopted from different places including India.


Final take on the book is – it is pleasant to read with dash of adventure spirit and deep thought provoking insights. The author was extremely resourceful when it came to solve the perennial age old problems but I was little disappointed in a way, as I was hoping she would narrate some events in her life that made her more graceful than she is actually. But, this slight disappointment can never underestimate the potential the book has.


Conclude by saying – “There is always darkness before the dawn, but the dawn always comes”.


Hope you enjoyed reading the reviews and look forward to your comments below.


Happy Reading!!




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