About Us

“I pronounce after all there is no pleasure like perusing!”

- Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice.

This is PaulA, the initiator of this mission of book reading and collection for Click BooksReader. We offer tremendous gathering of books in various classification of Fiction, Non-fiction, Biographies, History, Self – Help, Children and others. 

Little glimpse into, how this journey began, and what were the circumstances that led into the creation of this resourceful store. PaulABooksCorner store is inspired by the Click Books Reader Instagram page (www.instagram.com/clickbooksreader) where the reader due to the COVID - 19 restrictions has rekindled her long lost passion for leisure reading.

Another reason, why we are advocating click book reads or e-books, is due to persistent decrease in the number of trees from our cherished forests disbalancing the environmental cycle. Where the mantra, "Go Green", has gained much momentum, we do appreciate, if you purchase e-books for your phone libraries or even paperbacks for personal libraries. It goes without saying, paperback and hardcover books have their own significance which can never be denied.

PaulABooksCorner, primarily aims at providing you with either a paperback book or e-book at the click of your fingertips. For any queries you can contact us at info@paulabookscorner.com