Harappa Triology Reviews

Harappa Triology
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We are having an Indian Bestselling Triology Series Review here....
Vineet Bajpai, the author of Harappa trilogy, is known for his perfect mix of history, fiction and crime. ... A series of three books that defy classification – with its mix of history, fiction, fantasy, religion, intrigue, mythology and crime…a reader could barely ask for more in any one series.
Harappa: Curse of the Blood reveals a story Dated back to 1700BCE, the most magnificent metropolis on Earth that time was – Harappa. The city was considered abundant in wealth, wisdom, science & alchemy, even had the last Devta (God like human) on the planet. But, unfortunately they succumb to the greedy nature of man. This lead to the downfall of the great and magnificent - Indus Valley Civilization, they vanish in the sands of time due to their own greed. Eventually this bitter truth is erased from the history of mankind. Everything seems perfect, then after 3,700 years later and in the year 2017, a young entrepreneur from Delhi, India receives an unusual phone call from the ancient city of Kashi, Banaras, the very pious land of the worshippers. A dark secret about this young man’s bloodline gets disclosed. This is the Harappa curse which eventually will erase the entire mankind in 21st century. Then there is a twist where it is difficult to understand which FINAL WAR is prepared by a hidden monastery in Banaras. It is claimed to be the ultimate war between Devtas (Gods) and Rakshasas (Demons). The reading will lead you through a saga of violence, deceit, love and ambition. It was a page turning novel and easy to imagine kind of a book.
Pralay is the great inevitable disaster which has been prophesied, sequel to Harappa. The young man from Delhi can stop all this uneventful happenings, but this book speaks volume about why, what, where and who can change the course of history. I definitely enjoyed the book to a great extent, although it was my husband’s choice but was a fun to read book.
The Harappa curse saga continues in this sequel- Kash: Secret of the Black Temple. In the year 1699 BCE, an inevitable great disaster was supposed to wipe out the entire human race from the face of Earth. It is absolutely true to the haunting curse, which has prevailed due to ghastly war between Devtas and Rakshasas. A bloody river is the example of it, and as hope is lost and despair sinks in Earth’s realm, a Warrior, human warrior or so called the Hero, rises against the fury of Gods, against the blood thirst of a Barbarian King to herald the age of violence and hate.
This era is marked as an “Era of Kali" (a dark and scary looking goddess known for her execution of justice). In 2017, in Kashi, the ancient secret of the BLACK TEMPLE unveils in the prophesied hour.
The Dark brotherhood, unleashes it’s most ruthless EXECUTIONER, as Mumbai’s underworld joins forces with the “MASK OF DEATH". Now, disaster seems unavoidable.
So, what was the dark and gruesome truth hidden behind the 14th century, BLACK TEMPLE?
All this and more is revealed further. It’s equally fast paced like it’s prequels. A page turning book with wildest of imagination and very vivid thrilling novel.
The package of this TRIOLOGY is absolutely awesome and the box set is beautifully designed. This series is infact considered to be one of the 'Best Indian Mythological' fantasy series...The author, Vineet Bajpai's, imagination, art of weaving complex mythological plot around some intriguing historical facts and the sheer force implied to the story and characters is worth reading. Will definitely recommend, if you are a fantasy mystery story lover....
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