Why Reading is life?

Reading is Life. Change my Mind.
“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” These are the words written by George R. R. Martin in his famous bookA Dance With Dragons. Perhaps there is no better explanation to understand this article's title than what the quote explains. This could be the end of the article, but not yet, I have to rub it in until you understand why reading is indeed life.
When was the last time you lived? Or in other words, when was the last time you read a book?I hope that your life is not just centered around reading from social media or subtitles on Netflix. The current times feature generations of fewer readers and more tik-tokers. Now, that is not life.
The same generations find reading boring, time, and energy wastage. They don't know that reading goes far and wide beyond the words inscribed on a piece of paper. Even science has proved that reading comes with health benefits such as protection from Alzheimer's disease associated with memory, thinking, and behavior problems.
Reading brings more to life than just that. Below are some more benefits of reading.
  1. Activates the third eye
Frequent reading exposes you to many new things; new ways, understanding, information, and new means to handle and solve situations. Reading opens your third eye, which enables you to see so many things differently. You can see different perspectives that you can use to approach life.
Reading enables you to realize and understand yourself and the world that surrounds you differently. It allows you to find your hobbies and passions, which makes the best of your life.
  1. Smarter person
Reading books, may it be fictional, romantic, or comic books, gives a lot of knowledge and information beyond just the straightforward story. The knowledge from books gradually compels the reader to be a better version of themselves in all ways possible. As we are always told, knowledge is the key to success. Therefore, knowledge about life and other different aspects extracted from reading makes your brain smarter and sharper, helping you maneuver in life easily. In other words, reading feeds wisdom to your mind. Like Dr. Seuss stated,“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
  1. Planet of creativity and imagination
Reading good books is a form of time-traveling to that event or scene you are reading about that occurred centuries ago. As you read, you find yourself creating the scenarios and pictures in your mind about the events you’re reading about. Reading paints clear pictures in one’s head about scenarios that occurred centuries ago. From this, you get exposed to the world of imagination that gives you different ideas and understanding of various life aspects. Reading nurtures your brain, and you are able to develop ideas for the new worlds that you paint in your head, which significantly sparks the imagination.
The benefit of this is that it gives you the power to realize that, indeed, nothing is impossible.  It also helps you change your mindset from a fixed position to a position that accepts that change is inevitable, promoting personal growth and development.
  1. Mental stimulation
Most people go to the gym to stimulate their bodies and keep them healthy and strong physically. However, most forget that the brain needs to be stimulated too. The brain may get a little boost by going to the gym, but that is not its full exercise. Our brains, just like any other organ or muscle in the body, require exercise too. The most effective way to fully exercise and stimulate the brain is through reading.
Studies have already shown that keeping your brain active and stimulated can slow the progress of or prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia. It is advisable always to keep your brain stimulated through reading. The phrase "use it or lose" also applies to the brain.
  1. Stress therapy
Stress could come up from any aspect of life. It could be for personal reasons like love life, work stress, or even financial distress.Typically, it requires one to undergo several other chemical or scientific therapy procedures to deal with stress. Many people don't seem to know the best therapy, with no chemicals or scientific processes. A well-written and captivating novel will teleport you to other realms, centuries ago, therefore, distracting you from your present situation. All the stress slowly slips away when you get lost in a captivating story.  Reading will rip you off your tensions and allow you to feel relaxed like never before. Science is not needed to prove that.
  1. Memory expansion
You often hear people discussing the characters, actions, plots, and nuances in stories they read many years back. And you may be wondering how they remember all that from so many years ago. It may sound more like magic.The magic is in reading. Every new imagination created from reading forges new brain pathways and strengthens the existing ones. This helps the reader in both long-term and short-term memory recall, which generally improves the reader's memory.
  1. Sharpen Analytical thinking skills
If you are a reader, I bet you often find yourself reading books and solving mysteries in the stories before getting to the end. Yes, this is not something easy in a real-life situation.  This is as a result of the knowledge acquired from the frequent reading of books. Reading gives one the ability to put critical and analytical thinking to practice by using all the details available to arrive at a conclusion.
After reading a book, you find yourself reviewing it by critiquing the plot, determining whether the story was well written and if the characters were developed properly and the smoothness of the storyline. This is proof of analytical thinking that comes in handy with reading.
I can’t imagine what life would be without the existence of reading. It would be a void, formless, and dark moment existing between birth and death. Make reading your buddy, and watch the beauty of life through the third eye.
 Happy Reading!!